Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Roll It and Roll It and Put it on a Wreath

I love milestones.  Do you?  This is my 13th Blog for the year 2013.  LOL.

In my last post I shared 
Through the 4th Floor Door
Happy 2013!

The burlap wreath was so much fun making that I decided to tackle a 
HUGE WREATH as my next project.

It was a long and tedious project I tell ya.

I was rolling and rolling flowers..........not only the huge wreath
but also a Valentine's wreath because my goodness January is already whizzing by.

And if that wasn't enough to keep me busy I was also working on a frame I wanted to cover with
book page flowers.

Roll it and Roll it.

and hot glue it to a wreath

Corduroy - thin yarn - thick yarn - jute - felt - twine

I used all kinds of material in neutral colors to get this wreath done.

I absolutely love how it turned out.

It went perfect over the Master Bed.

I'm still working on the paper roses for the hen picture.  It takes a couple hundred of those roses to cover the frame.

Hmmm........did I share my paper chandelier that I made for the Master Bedroom?

Oh dear.  I never did.  Well this paper chandelier was made with scratch paper (from my work).  Instead of it going into the recycle bin..........I collected the paper and made this chandelier.

I can't wait to decorate
The 4th Floor Door
for Valentine's.  

That's it for now.  Until next time - I share with you what I found being tossed.

Woo Hoo I can't wait to do a makeover.
Hugs to All


  1. Lovely! I know how LONG it takes as I did one for Christmas, all out of dropcloth fabric. I love the colors you chose and the mix of materials. Thanks for sharing. Patti@OldThingsNew

    1. Hi Patti - Yes indeed. The time it took to do the crocheted flowers was the most tedious of them all. I just took a peek at the wreath you did. Oh boy that is a beauty. Now I'm going back to your blog to read more.

  2. This is really pretty! I have tried to make these flowers and they aren't easy for me. You did great! Love it! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  3. Hi Sherry - thank you so much for your comment. You wouldn't believe how much flowers were flops before I was able to get them right. Especially the fabric flowers. I love your party :).

  4. I love how your wreath came out!! Beautiful!! I am your newest follower and I am stopping by from Keeping It Simple's linky party. Stop by my blog when you have a moment. Here is what I shared this week:

  5. Hi, Great post. I found you through the blog hop. Now following you.Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance.
    Be sure and check out my new Blog Hop that we just started, It's Weekly Goals Link Up. It's a great way to stay on track. Have a great day. :) Here's the link in case you want to check it out. Thanks again.

  6. What a fantastic result. I love this wreath!