Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Six Hundred Circles (Old Book Page Crafts)

I was blessed with a big box of old books.  There must have been at least fifty books consisting of both hard cover and paper back.  Before my book blessing I must say that I was really getting into doing things with old book pages.  I began with little paper bags.

Then I went on to doing paper roses after watching a YouTube video on how to make a Novel Wreath by Marzipan
And I made the wreath (after many many many attempts).
Ohhh what a beautiful wreath this became.

I just had to make more. 

Then I came across this wonderful blogger in Blog Land Ann @ Make The Best of Things.  She took wax paper and cut them into circles and made a light cover.  It replicates the capiz lamps that I remember seeing in homes in the 1970's.  I love the sound of a capiz lamp when the wind causes the circles to brush up against each other.  Oh so serene.

Anyway, I live on an Army Post and Army housing is..........well Army housing (smiling cheek to cheek here).  We have a pretty huge apartment and the lighting is adequate; however, fluorescent is just not my glow.  It makes my home feel so military, so classroom-y, or so office-y.
See how the light emits everywhere?  
So.......with Ann's tutorial - I took my big box of old books, a sewing machine, scissors, glue and I made me Ann's gorgeous strings of faux capiz but instead of using wax paper I used old book pages - at least Six Hundred Circles (and some).
I just love how the light is subtle when it emits through the paper yet spot lights the center of the dining table.

During the day it is just a masterpiece in my opinion (wink wink).

Sigh.............thank you Ann - this was so much fun to make.

Speaking of fun.........I made more book page paper roses and took this drabby, unattractive white clock

 and an old book from the big box of books

and made this:

Isn't the cast iron pug door stopper cute?

I have been visiting lots of thrift shops in the little German towns around where I live.  I am so excited about what I have been finding and those bloggy blogs will be posted in the days to come.

In the meantime I joined my first blog party at Coastal Charm
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And I'm a couple of days late in posting this Nifty Thrifty post on my book page chandalier, wreaths, and clock.  Sighing..........working the late shift is getting to me.

The second party I joined is happening at

and I am having a lovely time visiting all the wonderful participants.

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  1. Such beautiful work. I really enjoyed this post.

    Garrett @TheGrowingPatch

  2. wow, really great stuff! I have made a rolled book page wreath and one made from 4" squares. I love the rolled flowers and the lamp is gorgeous!