Friday, 14 December 2012

White Gingerbread Men Hosts a Hot Cocoa Bar

Between the dining room and kitchen is this "junk" table
What a way to separate two rooms right?
At times the table is my work table but since it is in the middle of the apartment it easily becomes the drop off point by all occupants.

I was inspired on Pinterest to build a Hot Cocoa or Hot Chocolate Bar.  I just didn't know where to start.  My mind was bustling with all kinds of ideas so I decided to focus on a pair of cookie jars I found at the Salvation Army (Guam).
Aren't they adorable?  I even bought a Scentsy lamp to match the cookie jars.

I began building my Cocoa Bar with a garland.
I crocheted stars out of twine string.  Boy oh boy was that a struggle but I so loved the texture the twine created.


Here we go...............
Oh me, Oh My!!!
Are those ghosts that we will come upon?

Why those are Gingerbread Men.
White Gingerbread Men?
Why Not............Right?

Ladies and Gentlemen
Meet the White Gingerbread Men Duo
They are your host of the
"Hot Cocoa Bar"

Would you believe it took me only 3 hours to make these guys?
They hover over 4 jars full of different flavors of cocoa mixes.
All sit in a wicker tray I found in guessed it
My favorite thrift store in Birkenfeld Germany.
I crocheted the covers for each jar and I used twine to cover the jar lids and crocheted a knob for each lid.

Look at how I used the twine to serve as the icing lining on the Gingerbread Men and that Gingerbread smile.

Mr. Gingerbread Man says
"Have a cup o Cocoa"

This sure looks a lot better than being a "drop off" table.

Oh Wow............a candy cane tree.
This little ornament was something I found while thrifting.  Doesn't it look like a Gingerbread Santa?

Thank you for visiting my Hot Cocoa Bar.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Through the 4th Floor Door Christmas Entrance

Living on the 4th floor of our apartment unit, I must climb 62 steps or 7 flights of stairs to get to my front door.

Yep 62 steps up and down everyday at least 5 to 6 times a day.

I was contemplating whether or not to decorate my front door.  The other 5 occupants may or may not see my Christmas decorations but certainly my 4th floor neighbor would (at least).

Oh what the heck.  Let's take a tour:

I made these Stocking Santa dolls many years ago.  Throughout their lives they decorated my home in Guam.  This is their first time to be displayed in Germany.

Oh lookey.
The Tri-Triangular Santas
Do you see the rag garland around the door?  It was a comforter that I found at the thrift shop.  Isn't it beautiful?

 I garnished the rag garland with egg shell angel pugs.  Oh yes.  I love pugs.  

Oh me, oh my look at what I found in my favorite thrift store.  And where is my favorite thrift store?
Birkenfeld, Germany.
This cute little girl's ice skate only costed me 1 Euro.

 I so love how the little girl's ice skate became the focal point of........

my ice skate wreath.

And now I take you

I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Next on my project list for Christmas is
the hot cocoa bar.

Until next time.
Tah-tah for now.

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Wooden Christmas Tree Crochet Ornaments

I toiled over what I wanted to decorate my re-vamped wooden Christmas tree with.

All the ready made ornaments I was looking at were not tickling my fancy.  I made some book page birds and hung them on the tree but it looked like book page birds hanging on a wooden tree.  It was just not connecting.


Isn't it something when an idea just hits you?  Well it did when I was crocheting sweaters for my dogs.

Meet my pugs......MA-kytah and Shady.  MA-kytah was born in Australia and she is my rescue pug and Shady was born in Guam - she is mine because I wanted a black pug.  They are my "island" pugs.  The love the tropical weather.  When we moved to Germany it was in the dead of winter and when I take them out to pottie they were so uncomfortable and literally freezing their curly tails off.  They don't like cold weather.  So I bundle them up just so that we don't spend a long long time outside waiting for them to do their number.

So anyway I'm crocheting away with their white sweaters and I thought why not crochet ornaments for the wooden Christmas tree?  Yes - crochet ornaments it is!

Originally the tree was for candles.
See the holes at the end of the arm?

  I wanted to deck that tree.

Check out this angle.

Now for the featured pieces - compliments of awesome crochet-ers on You Tube.

I was able to crochet this stocking while watching

A pair of mittens were designed and crocheted by me.
But the hearts (the tiny little hearts)  I learned by wathing

I loved making this rolled flower and I learned it from
 Here is the heart again but with a bigger crochet noodle
This is an icycle from

This wreath was by

A lovely flower by

 This is my white pug I crocheted just using single crochet all around.

Thank you for stopping by.  I do appreciate all my visitors.

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