Friday, 14 December 2012

White Gingerbread Men Hosts a Hot Cocoa Bar

Between the dining room and kitchen is this "junk" table
What a way to separate two rooms right?
At times the table is my work table but since it is in the middle of the apartment it easily becomes the drop off point by all occupants.

I was inspired on Pinterest to build a Hot Cocoa or Hot Chocolate Bar.  I just didn't know where to start.  My mind was bustling with all kinds of ideas so I decided to focus on a pair of cookie jars I found at the Salvation Army (Guam).
Aren't they adorable?  I even bought a Scentsy lamp to match the cookie jars.

I began building my Cocoa Bar with a garland.
I crocheted stars out of twine string.  Boy oh boy was that a struggle but I so loved the texture the twine created.


Here we go...............
Oh me, Oh My!!!
Are those ghosts that we will come upon?

Why those are Gingerbread Men.
White Gingerbread Men?
Why Not............Right?

Ladies and Gentlemen
Meet the White Gingerbread Men Duo
They are your host of the
"Hot Cocoa Bar"

Would you believe it took me only 3 hours to make these guys?
They hover over 4 jars full of different flavors of cocoa mixes.
All sit in a wicker tray I found in guessed it
My favorite thrift store in Birkenfeld Germany.
I crocheted the covers for each jar and I used twine to cover the jar lids and crocheted a knob for each lid.

Look at how I used the twine to serve as the icing lining on the Gingerbread Men and that Gingerbread smile.

Mr. Gingerbread Man says
"Have a cup o Cocoa"

This sure looks a lot better than being a "drop off" table.

Oh Wow............a candy cane tree.
This little ornament was something I found while thrifting.  Doesn't it look like a Gingerbread Santa?

Thank you for visiting my Hot Cocoa Bar.

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