Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Wooden Christmas Tree Crochet Ornaments

I toiled over what I wanted to decorate my re-vamped wooden Christmas tree with.

All the ready made ornaments I was looking at were not tickling my fancy.  I made some book page birds and hung them on the tree but it looked like book page birds hanging on a wooden tree.  It was just not connecting.


Isn't it something when an idea just hits you?  Well it did when I was crocheting sweaters for my dogs.

Meet my pugs......MA-kytah and Shady.  MA-kytah was born in Australia and she is my rescue pug and Shady was born in Guam - she is mine because I wanted a black pug.  They are my "island" pugs.  The love the tropical weather.  When we moved to Germany it was in the dead of winter and when I take them out to pottie they were so uncomfortable and literally freezing their curly tails off.  They don't like cold weather.  So I bundle them up just so that we don't spend a long long time outside waiting for them to do their number.

So anyway I'm crocheting away with their white sweaters and I thought why not crochet ornaments for the wooden Christmas tree?  Yes - crochet ornaments it is!

Originally the tree was for candles.
See the holes at the end of the arm?

  I wanted to deck that tree.

Check out this angle.

Now for the featured pieces - compliments of awesome crochet-ers on You Tube.

I was able to crochet this stocking while watching

A pair of mittens were designed and crocheted by me.
But the hearts (the tiny little hearts)  I learned by wathing

I loved making this rolled flower and I learned it from
 Here is the heart again but with a bigger crochet noodle
This is an icycle from

This wreath was by

A lovely flower by

 This is my white pug I crocheted just using single crochet all around.

Thank you for stopping by.  I do appreciate all my visitors.

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