Monday, 5 November 2012

Come Tour My Basket (Reutter Porzellan Bear Henry and Friends)

Happy Monday.  The weather is certainly turning chilly but we did have the sun peek out at us here in Baumholder Germany despite the gloomy and rainy weekend.  The weather didn't stop me though as me and hubby headed out thrifting and I am so excited to share this adorable picnic basket we found:
The basket is in excellent condition

The straps have no sign of wear and tear.
The interior's fabric showed no sign of fading.

I absolutely loved how it opened up in the front.

The top (or lid) of the basket holds the dessert plates but then I am thinking these are cheese plates.  I'll explain later.

The back of the basket holds two cups.........perhaps for coffee?


The back of the basket also holds this cutting board; hence, me thinking the two plates hold the cheese after you cut it.  

The bottom of the basket holds two little wine glasses.  When I saw the wine glasses I was thinking why the coffee cups?  Not sure not sure.

The front flap of the basket holds a set for two stainless steel eating ware and two cloth napkins.  So adorable.

The markings on the Reutter Porzellan's.
Made in Germany.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of my little basket.
I have visions of picnics with hubby and the pugs using this basket or maybe even taking it to the Mops Meet in the Spring of 2013.
I don't know...........we'll see and I will certainly share.

If anyone out there knows anything about this set please do share - I would love to hear from you.

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  1. What a charming little basket you have how it looks on the inside.