Friday, 16 November 2012

Eschenbach Tea Set (of four)

One of my favorite thrift shops is located in a little town called Birkenfeld.  It's about a twenty minute drive from Baumholder.   When you shop in this little store you need to be ready to dig (and dig deep.)
And so we did
we found a teacup set that I absolutely fell in love with.  The markings read
Bavaria Germany.
There was only four dessert plates, four saucers and four teacups.
Grapevines and polka dots.......or are those little dots the grapes that bounced off the vine to form a perfect border on the scalloped edges of the saucer, plates, and rim of the cup?  Don't know.

Can you see the ripples on the edges?

Handles have a dainty curve.

The Maker's Mark.

Now...........I did do some research on "Eschenbach."  Do you see that little crown above the "Eschenbach?"  Well the date cannot be determined as to when these were made; however my research revealed Eschenbach has another marking where the crown does not have the cross on top.  So......maybe this set is older than the ones without the cross on top.
Sadly both references disclosed that the dates cannot be determined on these two marketing.
Hopefully there is an Eschenbach expert out there in Blog Land who might know more?  Leave a comment - I would love to learn more.

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